CIREC is a non-profit organization that works with scientists in Europe, America and Asia in developing a scientific net for international research in Education, Culture, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy.

CIREC is a host communication center for interdisciplinary and international studies and a scientific institution for comparative analyses and monitoring the trends in education and culture.

The decentralised approach to research gives the CIREC an opportunity to bring ideas and research results from scientists from different corners of the world, whose work would otherwise be excluded due to, for example, language barriers.
Director of the Center is Dr. Stephania Dimitrova.

  • Comparative research and analysis /exchange of data and good research practices/;
  • Monitoring the trends in the field of education and culture;
  • Communication and outreach.
  • A comparative study is initiated whether by the CIREC or by any researcher, registered in CIREC. The aim is to facilitate the exchange of data and good research practices. Our firm conviction is that national studies can be transformed in international, when curiosity, enthusiasm, innovation and professionalism meet in CIREC.

    Prospective projects will be announced to a great number of scientists and reasonably will find a partner in other countries. CIREC is assuring the communication between partners, providing support of the co-ordination in multinational studies for any stage of your work.

    Papers are published on the web-site of CIREC. The CIREC makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this web site. Errors brought to our attention will be corrected as soon as possible. However, the CIREC accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the subsequent use of the information provided on our web site. Although one of the main goals of the CIREC is to facilitate sustainable co-operation and dialogue in the field of comparative research in education and culture, the CIREC is not responsible for the comprehensiveness, accuracy and completeness of the topics presented by individuals or for failure of individual projects and theoretical misunderstandings. Since the CIREC has no control over external sites, it holds no responsibility for the content of those external sites which may hyperlinked to this website.
    CIREC does not finance projects.
    The strategy of the Center is to use a diversity of communication channels

    Book publications present the results of large transnational projects and contain qualitative and quantitative information, country reports, comparative tables and policy recommendations.

    Online information system
    are developed to reach an international community of users which would otherwise not be feasible in a printed book. Such system is also interactive and encourage comments and questions from the users.

    The CIREC provides a non-paid work to students interested to pursue a career in the field of comparative educational and cultural research. Successful candidates will be provided with invaluable experience by working on exciting and challenging topics.

    To apply please send an email/application containing a cover letter, your CV, one page summary outlining your research interests, information on your studies, previous work experience, and a letter of reference to CIREC.
    Successful candidates will have the opportunity to participate in the development and execution of international research projects.
    • Research Assistance: students will have the opportunity to participate in comparative research projects listed in the Web site of CIREC. They will be required to assist in the collection of information and data for the development of projects as well as contribute articles as appropriate.
    • Project Administration: students will work as part of a team and assist in the tasks required in the management of the research projects.
    The Center is looking for people who show a strong commitment and interest in the field of comparative educational and cultural research. Prospective applicants should be able to commit to the agreed project and show reliability and punctuality, possess good verbal and written communication skills, as well as computer skills. English is the main working language of the CIREC. Competency in other languages is a priority.

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